Saturday, May 26, 2007

Day 8: Southern Highlands

Left at 7am and arrived at Mittagong for breakfast. Can't remember the cafe's name, but I had pancakes and banana and it ROCKS! The food was really good; what a way to start of the day. Visited Centennial Winery and found and interesting red wine with a slight bubble gum taste. Went to SHW Winery and got a nice bottle of red with a tinge of chocolate. Wished I had more time to try, but there was other things to see.

The drive was slightly more than an hour and the scenary was AMAZING. The hills and valleys were everywhere, autum leaves and beautiful trees. Went to walk around Bowral town and had a delicious passion fruit ice cream on the way to Baundanoon. Lunch was a steak sandwich in a little town. Nothing fantastic. Found a buddhist temple in the forrest, how interesting. Drive through the scenic Kagaroo Valley roads and found a shop along the road with the best tasting pie and kickass malt milkshake. The pie had fluffly and crispy pastry with really nice fillings.

We went to Canbewarra Lookout and I was floored by the view. This had to be the BEST view I seen so far. I can see the lands stretching to the sea and to the horizon. Breathtaking is an understatement. Drove up to Kiama and checkd out the blow hole. Manage to walk right to the cliff facing the sea. The evening skys made the view even better.

Dinner was at Red Rooster on the way back. The meat was ok, the bread was nice and soft. Fries had chicken salt...that is how all chips should be made. Really good day today, wished I had more time so I can travel around more.

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