Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Day 4

Went off to Watsons Bay and checked out the gay nudist beach. Caught some people sunbathing but did not join them. The view was awesome at the Gap. Lunch was Fish and chips at Doyles. The seafood platter was hugh, I really hope that was not intended for one person. The weather was very chilly today with very strong winds. Even the seagulls were pushed back when they try to set off. And the damn sea gulls ate my chips. The grass is always greener on the other side. That is so true here, the grass here is softer and nicer to sit on. Any small patch of grass, there will be people sitting around.

Manage to take the ferry to Manly. I love that place, it has the same feel as Fremantle in Perth. Very laid back place to go. I chomped on Jester pie which was delicious. The Manly beach was huge, very long. Walked around the place and found a huge Quicksilver shop.

Dinner was at Pancakes on Rocks. Food was great but I was too full for pancake desserts after that. Somehow that defeats the purpose....damn! Will try to make a trip there some other day.

The day ended by chilling out over a bottle of cider.

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