Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Army shorts

I don't have much shorts to use for sports. The Nike or adidas etc have cut throat prices, thus I only own Army (SAF) shorts that I use. It works fine for most times EXCEPT long distance running.

Recently I have the 'honour' to join in the NTU Tennis Team for training. My friend said it was only tennis and I get to play with much better players. It was all true till the new coach came. They planned for the whole Sept, we run 10 laps round the track on Tues and 20 laps on Fridays. Sounds a lot, but it is 4km and 8km. That is pretty normal, but it is the thought of running the rounds that kill. Imagine....after completing 5 rounds and the coach smiles at u and say "You got 15 more to go!" How encouraging can that be!

Which brings me back to peeve...those rounds have rendered me walking like a penguine after every training. People think my 'balls' (if u know what I mean) are oversized. I walk with this unbearable pain in my inner thighs.

To think these are shorts which are made for the guys in army for trainings. They want to have a bunch of guys marching with their legs wide open. It is the SAF's plan to make men out of boys. And I suspect, it is also how to make u stop smiling - you look fierce, u scare the shit out of the enemy.

The runs no longer scare me, it is the aftermath that worries me...


ms google it said...

hoho! make sure got no spillover effects! HAHAAHHAAH!!

Shorty said...

Heh...wait for ur birthday man...we will get u some shorts...meanwhile...keep ur balls intact ya !