Thursday, June 02, 2005

The War

The bi-annual war has come again. I laid the weapons down carefully on the table and started to connect my trusty mouse and laptop and ran my fingers through it.

I loaded the pages and took a deep breadth as I waited for 2.30pm.

I shivered in anticipation as I counted down the seconds.

I furiously keyed "Enter - Enter - Alt F4" again and again...

I held my breadth as I kept hammering the magic shortcuts onto the keyboard.

My heart skipped a beat...Why is the screen still showing the error messages? Maybe I got the timing wrong? Did the server crashed? Did my login session ended?

So many thoughts raced through my heads, the battle was going down high....I felt I was being pulverised.

I almost missed the sudden screen change as I was opening and closing the screen for registration....

"Your subjects were added"

Once again, I am triumphant in my subject registration. I left my tools on the tables as I laid down for a rest. "One more battle to go..." I slowly drifted to sleep.

I know many people have troubles with the NTU subject registration system. But so far, I have been lucky to get all the classes I want except for one (last semester). I even manage to change 3 classes for this semester to get a better schedule. My experience with the system never last longer than 10mins, infact, I am usually done in less than 5mins. Maybe I am blessed, maybe I have good technique, maybe I am just plain lucky.....

2 more years to go in NTU. I don't know how I am going to survive. My life is changing drastically now. So many decisions to make which will alter the usual routine I have for the past 2 years. I am dreading at the time when I need to choose....I am procrastinating again.


switbeambo said...

wahaahhaa u mean subject registration period is now? this seems so foreign to me so fast. i need not do this anymore for e rest of my life.. SIGH.. seems so unreal.. i wanna remain a student...............


germ said...

u've def been blessed to get all ur subj! :) felicitations!@

Ansley said...

I used all the blessings for my sub reg and National wonder results always cannot make it! haha