Friday, June 03, 2005


As a kid, people always told me to have a hobby I can occupy myself with (Maybe they were just trying to get me out of their face). I remember reading books about people collecting all sorts of things when I was young. I remember having show and tell session. I remember writing about my hobbies.

While finding some handphone bills, I stumbled upon my collection of stamps, phone cards and MRT tickets. I stared at the books, my fingers running through the cover as I reminisce about the times I was so enthralled by them. It really brought a smile to me as I flipped through my collection.

I started collecting stamps just to have a hobby and it was the easiest to start. My mum provided me with the necessary knowledge with the removal of stamps from the envelope. I was not interested in the value or history behind the stamps, I just like seeing the pictures on them. I come to realise they form a little part of my childhood and I treasure them more after today.

My uncle gave me a bunch of phone cards one day. He got them from his job at the airport, people just left the cards after using them for long distance calls. I started collecting them out of convenience. I like them more since they are practically non existent in our life today. Handphone has pushed it to near extinction. I still have one in my wallet though, for the rainy days.

I thank my mum for helping me with my hobbies I had as a kid. I grew out of it, but she still help me with my collection. As I look at my collection, I come to appreciate what it has given me - memories of the past.


switbeambo said...

omg.. i used to be an avid collector of stamps, bus tix (think u mean that instead of MRT tix since i never knew mRT had tix), and phone cards!!! ^5 hahaha.. to date i still see a stamp or 2 floating in water in my bathroom sometimes.. must be e doings of my sis or bro. heh


germ said...

ooh..u collected the same things i did!! maybe it's the same childhood trend.
but i collected balls n stickers too. (till now..:$)

skycloud said...

I think collecting stamps, phonecards, bus tickets are common hobbies. 'Coz I also have a collection of them. Hee~

Ansley said...

Not bus tickets, I don't collect them..I just make hearts and then throw it away. I collect MRT tickets, those u need to slot into the barrier before u enter. I have the very first one...a little pinkish with words printed on it. How cool is that!

Yeah, I guess everyone collects stamps, but as I look at them again yesterday... I really come to find them facinating