Sunday, June 12, 2005

It has been a long time

It has been ages since I stepped into a club. My old friends decided to meet up at dbl O for a drink yesterday. I went to meet up with the guys and realised the crowd has changed since the last time I went. Even the music has changed. They were playing retro and it seem like the mambo dudes from Zouk decided to invade dbl O with their cool moves. It was entertaining. The drinks were more than enough. The music was ok. But the company was great.

As usual, in clubs you will meet new people, Friend's friend etc. I realise you meet people with the same problems and they just want to TRY and forget about it for just one night. They want to let the music and alcohol run through them as they escape from reality. In the end, they try to numb their senses with lots of drinks. Is life really that difficult?

Anyway, I am not getting any younger. I think I have enough of drinking and clubbing for another 6 months.

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~can said...

you noe wat? i thought about it, that night u tried to pull me to go dblo and i declined you with the reason that i was tired, - it's not that we are getting old leh, it's that we are growing up. cheers! =)