Friday, June 03, 2005

Something is wrong

I realise that the some people's idea of correct actions are very different from the common people. Either they seriously think they are right or they got hit on the head too many times.

1) I was doing my business in the urinal at Raffles City where a pretty old guy came and use the one beside mine. There is an unspoken rule u try to leave a empty urinal to the guy who is already there. So I was a little uncomfortable with that guy who choose to use the urinal beside mine where there are so many free. Next think I know, the guy was blatently staring at my private part. He did not use the corner of his eye, he peered over, head slanting towards me. I was so shocked I did not know what to do. The next time someone do that to me, I will bend over, look at his and laugh! (if u get what I mean)

2) My friend saw a guy peeing into the basin where we wash out hands. What the heck....

3) My friend (same guy above...I think he attracts the weirdo) say a guy wanking in a public toilet's urinal. He even look around at people around him....I wonder what he is thinking of as he was self-pleasuring himself.

I can go on and on, but I decided to tell u the shocking ones. Something is seriously wrong with the world.

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