Saturday, April 09, 2005

Wake me up before u go go.....

Many people can attest to the fact that it is almost impossible to wake me up from sleep. Many tired, but only few succeeded. I will smack anything that is trying to wake me up. I will go into deep hibernation where even the pillow slamming onto my head will do no good.

That was why my mum gave me the alarm clock which made an annoying loud ringggggggg, it was so irritating that even my roommate complained about it. Even so, she handed me the clock with a worrying face as I embarked on living alone in the halls of ulu NTU.

As any living creature, I adapted to the clock. I slammed it the moment the first ring came. And of course I went back to sleep after that - which resulted in many missed lectures. I was determined to get back on track, I got my roommate, geek, to use any form of violence to wake me up. He tired calling me, but to no avail. He switched to the pillow smacking technique, I soon showed him my iron body kungfu I cultivated from the years of hitting my sister gave me. The most effective to date was his cane. I secretly threw it away.

My trusty clock withstand most of the abuse I gave it. Smacks after smacks, it still faithfully tries to irritate me. Then came shorty...barged into my room and asserted his 'height'. Wham bam, the clock slammed onto the floor. I picked it up, and amazingly it still kindda worked. The screen was a little distorted, I had to manually push the switch back every time I want to on the alarm. But it still worked.

A few days of waking up late for my revision....I realised that the clock was a gonner. It has lost its reliability as it was going to sleep as and when it liked. Dammn, if I fail my exams, shorty is going to become real short. I tried Geek's tiny alarm clock, futile effort to wake me....I just slept past its meek attempt to wake me up.

I trudged down to the nearest shop to get a new LOUD RINGGGING clock. Behold.....the one and only thing which can wake me up, with new snooze function (Battery included). try if it will wake me up. Nites


germ said...

someone must jump on u!

Ansley said...

Shorty wanted to try sit on me! haha!

Shorty said...

Sia lah ur clock really spoil ah ? Think i go get u one nice one after the exams...but wait y wld u need one after the exams ? Geez.....Sorry dude