Wednesday, April 20, 2005


So many things are happening at the moment, so let me jot it down in points....

1) Congratulations to the new pope. Though from what I read, he is a little too conservative for my comfort. I am not looking for radical changes, just some correlation with the situation of the world today.

2) Why does it seem that the IR has been decided monthS ago? I read the papers put up and wonder, did they really do it in such a short period of time after deciding to go ahead with the casino...opps sorry, it is Integrated Resorts.

3) 2 IR seems too much for a tiny red dot. But look at this way, my engineering friends now have jobs. I can also finally fufil my lifelong dream of throwing cards through the air, 'listening' to the dice, heck....I will use a $10 chip to win the casino.

4) Hell yeah, your Minister Mentor even say give the go ahead with sugar coated speech. Ever wonder why new posts like SM and MM are created in the government?

5) How many times must one apologise? Ask Japan that

6) Why must one have so much ego and refuse to TRUELY acknowledge your wrong doings? Ask Japan that too.

7) Macromedia has been bought over by Adobe....whopping US$3.4 billon. Interactive pdf?

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