Friday, April 01, 2005

It has been a long time...

Here's a MSN conversation I had in the WEE hours (ard 4am)
Ping: Should I cut my fringe?
Me: Go ahead, be brave
Ping: Ok...I go try now!
Me: *SHOCK HORROW* Ehh....I mean go saloon and cut. Don't blame me if it looks bad leh!

(no reply)

(no reply)

Ping: You die!! I have 1/4 fringe left.

Me: OMG!

I thought the vain Pingpong will never do such a klutz thing. Shit! I feel bad. I went on to give some ways to overcome a hairstyle disaster while trying to imagine how toot can she look like! She continue to bombard me with sad smilys and heart wrenching statments that the world has come to an end. I dived deeper into a state of guilt........

Ping: April's Fool!
Me: You are nuts! *phew*

Emotional stickup sucks! I am going to CUT YA HAIR the next time I see u! Bleh!

It has been a long time since I got an April's Fool prank. How I wish I can return to those days.

Don't worry are still loved. Even if you are not, I am sure your thick skin-ness will make u think otherwise! haha!


switbeambo said...

ahyah.. i din mean it to b an april fool's joke.. only later later on when i realised how stupid u were to believe me that i decided it to be an april fool;s joke. u lucky okay. i din get any joke when this yr i was EXTRA GUARDED against any pranks. tmd.

Ansley said...

I am going to cut ya hair!