Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Slaughtered, chopped, minced, pulverised, smashed, vapourised

Every exams I will make a major boo boo. The last time I mistook the ending time, now I mistook the module for the exams. read right. I thought the paper for today was codeword 206, but actually it was 205. Imagine the shock I had the previous night at 7pm when my friend told me my error. I just blanked out. I literally off my computer and went into revision for the correct paper. The flurry of activties left me with little hours of sleeping time.

I swear the lecturers can sniff out things I will skip in the notes. Little things here and there, information which you think was not important. That is what happened today, those little bits and pieces came back to haunt me.

I tend to circle questions I don't know how to do. Today's paper reached a point that I gave up doing that, I decided instead to tick those I know. Why? Cause there were too many circles.

So pissed with myself.


skycloud said...

dun worry.. coz I have only 1 tick on my exam paper.. :(

germ said...

i wish i cld be there rite now..but hang in there ok...go ace ur 206 paper...u can do it.