Friday, June 23, 2006

Hong Kong

When you go HK, go eat the desserts. The stores are everywhere, no lack of desserts for the weary shopper. We even took a long stroll to get our fix of beancurd (which I thought tasted real bad) . Go try anything mango, aloe vera and gui ling gao!

The only food place we found that came with english menu! I had a headache every meal when I look at the menu - filled with chinese words.

Went for a night out to Lan Kwai Fong to catch football! The place was crowded and filled with ang mo. Where the heck did they come from!?!? They even have their own beer, which did not agree with my tastebud.
I checked out a 'bistro' stated in some guide book. The place look really old school, like those u see in the TVB dramas. So old that they even have a cash register which looks like this!

And being a food outlet, obviously you think they will serve you food. Well....think again....
Highlight of my trip (other than the food) was Disney. It is way smaller than the one I visited in LA, the weather was so hot and humid...but I still like it! Gives me a chance to let my guard down and be a kid again. (And I just had to hear Mickey speak in Cantonese...hilarious)

One interesting thing to note is the people working there have cool English names. Just to mention one cool one, Anakin! The best name I saw was.....
Things to catch is the fireworks before the closing of the park! It was BRILLIANT! A MUST WATCH!
The parade was pretty good, I wished I had more photos, but the camera went wonky. Do try the grape jelly ice cream! Yummy!
Space mountain ride was not thrilling, I had a good laugh. Favourite ride was Buzz Lightyear! You go around shooting Zord and collecting points in the process, and obviously I was the marksmen! Go watch the shows, especially the 4D show...great effects!

I spend a reasonable amount of time taking pictures with Mickey and friends...

This picture looks obscene! HAHAHAHAHA

I kick tarzen's ass when it comes to tree swinging!

Sometimes it is tough to save the earth from some giant ball.

Spend some time to take the peak tram up to the peak. Beautiful night scenary. But the shops closes pretty early, so try to be there abt 8pm.

I had a blast eating, shopping and just relaxing. The company was a blast! I need my desserts!!!!

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