Saturday, July 09, 2005

An Introduction

Our conversations sometimes lead me to wonder if Val's a cave-woman. I keep forgeting shel has not been back to Spore for the last 3 years. Spore indeed change a lot during that period of time. Being the good tour guide, I decided she just have to visit Wala Wala before she leave. The place was packed by the time we arrive. We had to queue for long time before we could even climb the stairs up and listen to EIC rock. The music was great and the company was fantastic.

Like every late nite outing, we had to grab some supper. We ventured to Fong Seng to get some prata before I send her back. Guess this is the last time I will see her for this trip. Glad I can introduce her to 2 places all people in Spore should visit. Now she is not longer a SUAKU!!!

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