Wednesday, July 06, 2005

A day to remember

It is funny how you meet someone in life and you 2 just click. It is even weirder when that person was from the Internet, who knows what psycho I will meet. I am really glad that I met this someone and today we met up after her 3 years absence in Singapore. Like every true blue Singaporean, Val decided she needs food and shopping. I was the guild for the day and I decided she needs to be introduced the the changes in Singapore.

Here comes the scary part.....
Just the 2 of us in a span of about 10 hours:
1) Sushi
2) Rotiboy
3) Ding Tai Feng - Xiao Long Bao
4) BakerzInn - Desserts and coffee
5) Bo Bo Cha Cha and Ice Kachang
6) Duck Rice
7) Rojak
8) Prata - 1 egg, 1 plain
9) Orh Lua (Fried Oyster)
10) Beer at Indo Chine (Nice place....)

Val actually wanted to eat more, but there is a limit to how much food one can take it. So we postponed the rest to another day. It was funny to see someone's eyes glimmer as she walks past all the food stores. It was amusing to see her eye other food while devouring what was placed in front of her. It was really great to see her light up everytime I mention or bring her to some new food. Some other food on the list are Kuey Chap, Mee Sua, Hokkien Mee, Beef Hor Fan, Fried Kuey Tiao and breakfast food. I am in company of a walking monster.....

Other than food, shopping was great fun. We seem to eye the same stuff, same colour. Roughly same taste in stuff. I can comment comfortably how I feel about what she was trying (The top really make a person look as if they have saggy breast. Bad cutting for Sporeans). She can almost always read my mind on what I thought was nice. But she was lucky I kept her in check. She did not do that when I was happily going nuts at Australia's Nike Shop. BLEH!

Overall, I think that is an accomplishment including the distance (and Food) we covered. Orchard to Somerset, Somerset to City Hall. City Hall to Bishan and then back to Town. We walked, we shopped, we eat and we talked.

I came to a conclusion today, I cannot eat and shop with Val. We eat way too much and spend way too much. But it is what make her such a good companion.

There goes all my training....sigh

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