Saturday, February 03, 2007


I am not a big fan of majong. I just don't have the concentration span to sit there and play. Majong requires brain power which I am lacking in it I think. Too many combinations and rules to remember. I prefer just watching TV, sleeping or gaming.

But I decided to join my police friends for a majong session since they have been complaining that I have been M.I.A and one of them came back from Australia. A plus point is that they were playing in NTU. The majong session thought me some new combinations to win in and also that alcohol with majong is not a right choice. I brought a bottle of whiskey over. Whiskey clouds your judgement, you become wreckless. The alcohol makes one feel 'happy'. But whiskey also allowed me to forget about how boring it was to sit there and look at cards, it leveled the playing field so I can win more games.

Overall I won about $10. Yeah. Maybe it can be a strategy next time.

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