Thursday, March 24, 2005

What's left of my room

Went home to see Anastasia yesterday! Found my room completely different. The computer table became the baby's milk tin, bottle etc holding area. The monitor was on the study table, my cabinet was missing. Even my bed had foreign looking pillows.

The baby has started to take over my room!!!

The bomb was dropped on me over a conversation over MSN with my's an extract.

sis: Anastasia loves your bed...
me: =)
sis: but she wetted on your bed. It comes along with it.
me: *deadpanned*
me: Leave my bolster alone. Keep it away from her eh! (I love my bolster to bits)
sis: I am using your bolster, no longer yours! =)
me:*roll eyes*

I am going to sleep in the living room. At least the cable box is still there...what is left of something familiar!

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