Sunday, March 20, 2005

Busy bee....BUZZZZzzzz

What a semester this is turning out to be. I thought last sem's calculator lab was bad enough. This sem's combined lab is killing me. Sucking my evey mininute. Yup, that's the reason I was M.I.A for some time. So tired.

Yup, I am officially an uncle. My niece popped out from my sister's tummy on 18th March. Congratulations Mummy angie and daddy dominic!

My sis sms me to tell me there was pain ard 2pm. I was pretty frantic. I wanted to rush back to see her, but got a presentation (which I screwed up....stupid wireless mouse). Anyway, I was told it will take very long (Think 9 hours for Zoe Tay), and dominic told me no point to go down as I can't see my sister. Only manage to visit them the very next day.

Anastasia looks like an angel. She's very lucky as her uncle (aka me) is giving his room for her. I am in hall most of the time anyway. Too bad exams are coming, most probably busy with last minute revision. I will just go back to see her once in a while.

I was telling germaine that the gyne told my sis that the baby will come out next week. But Germ, told me something told her it will come out very soon. What do u know, the next anastasia came out. Sounds spooky to me!

Signing off....Uncle Ansley

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