Monday, April 03, 2006

Aquaman: Nemesis (edited)

Just so I know how they look like ......
Crown of Thorns

Stone Fish

Trigger Fish

aquashorty: tts those tt u find in aquarium, tame like a dog....

Here is the crazy one...Titan Trigger

Prof ASS (Aqua shorty stud) gave me an additional beware.

Cone shells looks pretty, but can be deadly.

Don't need to see how the shark looks like, I know - thanks to hollywood!

Auqaman's side kick aka Aquaping is Ichthyophobia (Fear of Fish).


switbeambo said...

hahahaha dive buddy i know how excited u are. every damn post is bout our up n coming dive trip. but u gotta control urself u noe. ur blog is morphing into a diving blog! and im sure i can recognise a stone fish! realise it has a distinct mouth? hahahahaha

germ said...

hey keep safe n live to tell me the experience! HAHAHH!

shorty said...

Dude the trigger u found is a docile one go search titan trigger..tts the one tt u shld learn to lk out for

Ansley said...