Monday, December 26, 2005

Christmas activities

Christmas is my favourite holiday. Thou Singapore's weather kills the spirit a little, I still like my Xmas. I like the idea of sitting with my hot chocolate and listening to the Christmas songs.

Xmas eve was pretty interesting. I started the day in NTU, had a softball match which went pretty well. After that I went to Michael's party, it has been many years since I last saw my primary school friend. Not much catching up, but it was good to see that dude. I went the children's mass which had a really cool nativity play. Dinner was a simple affair, but no one really wanted to go squeeze with the crowd. Lyn and I went off to catch some shows. Ernest and Pam joined us later. We had tons of snacks and playes Taboo. The guys lost, but that is because the girls had extra time (The timer was spoilt). Lots of laughter and food.

Every year I will have a family party, this year is a little different though, I started of by helping my aunt shift to her newly renovated house (At last, no more sleeping in the living room). I was pretty pissed at the idea in the first place, but i decided not to let anything spoil my xmas. We went to Melban after that for some AWESOME food. Yummy yummy! We ended off with the traditional Count-the-Number-of-Presents game and then giving them out.

I love Christmas!

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